Apr 14

I found the reading about the feminist gaze very interesting. I really enjoyed when the writer discussed how when a women is wearing glasses, she is therefore considered unattractive. From the movies that I’ve seen, I’d have to agree with that as very often the nerdy or losers are wearing those black thick rimmed glasses. An interesting thing that I thought is that when a girl is wearing sun glasses I sort of think that she is sexy, almost the complete opposite. A good example for this could be from the film She’s all that, where the character goes through a transformation and when her glasses come off and then she becomes sexy. Another example could be when Clark Kent takes off his glasses he becomes a whole new person.
The talk of the close up and the gaze made me think about another style of film; film noir. The close up of the females faces and bodies in these films insinuate ideas of the gaze. I think that is what makes the whole noir thing with the whole hyper sexual thing that it’s got going on.
All the authors kept talking about the penis. Every time they brought it up I thought would pop into my head from The Big Lebowski where Maude Lebowski goes to The Dude “Does the female form make you uncomfortable, Mr. Lebowski”? I don’t know why I kept thinking that, but that was all that I could think of.

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